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Indicate and improve bottlenecks in the customer journey for the app Arie Fixt ‘t

The Client

Arie Fixt 't is the new service app from Pon Compact. Arie helps you with preventive maintenance and acute repairs of your CAT. The Arie app is for anyone in the earthmoving business with a machine: do-it-yourselfers easily order maintenance packages, but outsourcing can also be done.

The Challenge

After its launch in 2020, Arie Fixt 't experienced significant growth in both users and revenue. However, after making some strategic decisions, revenue growth started to stagnate. We needed to find out if the app was meeting the needs of the customer and if there were any propositions that could add value for them. Additionally, we needed to identify bottlenecks in the customer journey and improve them.

Our approach

1. The first step we took was analyzing the current customer journey. We found that there were two major bottlenecks where the biggest percentages of the audience dropped off: on the landing page and the during onboarding process.

2. Next, we needed to gain a better understanding of the target audience for Arie Fixt 't.
We conducted interviews with our target market to identify the jobs to be done, gains, and pains of our audience. Based on these interviews, we were able to identify the role that Arie fixt 't plays in their daily work, the most important app features they use, and opportunities to improve the app with possible new propositions.
In addition to these insights, we made several strategic decisions regarding the app format of Arie Fixt ’t and the best possible target market to continue with. 

3. Using the insights gained from the interviews, we created a new landing page that highlights the most important unique selling propositions (USPs) and provides a clearer statement of the value proposition. We conducted an A/B test between the old and new landing pages, and the new version performed 70% better in terms of download clicks.

4. Finally, we improved the onboarding flow based on the interview insights. We created a personalized onboarding flow that highlights the most important features for our audience based on the brand of the excavator they added.

The results

  • A clear insight into our customers jobs to be done, pains and gains.

  • An improved landing page with a clearer proposition statement and the most important USPs placed above the fold. This resulted in a 70% increase in download click rate.

  • An improved onboarding flow that highlights the app's key features and unique selling points (USPs). The process is tailored to the customer's machine type.

  • A roadmap for testing and validating new propositions to add to Arie Fixt 't.

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