Become a Digital Designer.

Develop your UX Research and UX Design skills, while helping leading companies improve existing services or develop new ones.

Is this you?


1-3 years experience


Start salary: €2700 to €3000

Track overview.

Startdate: Q4 2024

  • First month kick-off training.

    We believe in experiential learning: you’ll get
    assigned to a real-life case, which automatically
    unlocks all skills and tools you need to start as an
    aspiring design expert.

  • Get to work on design.

    After your first month of training, you’ll get to work on challenging innovation projects at companies like NPO, Philips, or ING. Help them to shape the future of their business.

  • Coaching & Development.

    The most unique part of this job is our development program. Regularly share experiences with others, join masterclasses by experts and schedule 1-on-1 coaching sessions with a coach at The Talent Institute HQ.

Design projects
you get to work on.

Here are some examples of talents where you can read about the various roles and projects, as well as the project durations you can engage in.


Parastou Raeis Ghanavati

Customer Journey Lead

2 months @ Purina

Parastou had to Validate solution appeal and identifying key features for VetChip, a smart animal health monitor. Using our innovation expertise, Parastou mapped out the customer journey of bringing your pet to the vet to identify pain points, and opportunity areas for VetChip to tap into.


Marijn Moviat

Digital Designer

3 months @ NPO

In his latest project at NPO he validated an AI solution, he was able to harness all his skills. From conducting user interviews and crafting the initial design, to finally developing the first prototype. This prototype made it possible to show how AI could change somebody's workflow.


Iris Hendriksen

UX Researcher and Designer

2 months @ NPO

Iris worked at NPO to research a digital user experience by doing explorative and evaluative activities. Afterwards, she translated this into a UX design that seamlessly addressed the found issues and pain points.


Britta van Schaik

Customer Researcher

6 months @ Arriva

Our lead Digital Designer Britta validated if the client’s propositions are aligned with the evolving needs and problems of their target audiences; high-school students and commuters. “To gather valuable insights from the right target audience I commuted to Limburg and approached my target audience on the train”

your skills.

Our development program ensures you have the necessary skills. These are some of the training programs that will help you become a better Digital Designer. Join these masterclasses conducted by experts at our office.

Customer Research.

Understand your audience deeply to uncover valuable insights and drive informed design decisions.


Create intuitive and visually appealing digital experiences that delight users.

Customer Journey mapping.

Visualize and optimize the end-to-end user experience to enhance customer satisfaction.

Inclusive Design.

Design with diversity in mind, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all users.

I'm always surprised by the personal development training and coaching we get. The amount TTI has helped me with really difficult challenges on a personal level, and the fact colleagues are so open about these things, is very special."

Duncan Lorraine

Lead Digital Designer

Persuasion Principles.

Apply psychological principles to design persuasive experiences that drive desired actions.

Service Design.

Design holistic and seamless service experiences that meet customer needs and exceed expectations.


Enhance self-awareness to understand strengths, weaknesses, values, and motivations for intentional decision-making and collaboration.

Growth Mindset.

Cultivate a mindset that embraces challenges, learning from failures, and seeking growth opportunities.

Facilitation & Presenting.

Enhance skills in guiding group discussions, encouraging collaboration, and delivering impactful presentations.


Master giving and receiving constructive feedback as a catalyst for growth, learning, and improvement.

A.I for Design.

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to enhance design processes and deliver innovative solutions.

Prompt engineering.

Elevate the impact and effectiveness of AI-generated content and applications through prompt engineering.

Learn from
the best coaches.

Mike van Hoenselaar

Mike van Hoenselaar

Trainer Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Ewoud Uphof

Ewoud Uphof

Trainer Goal tree, Experimentation & Optimisation

Carla Siebinga

Carla Siebinga

Innovation professional

Aylin Vegter

Aylin Vegter

Trainer Google Ads

Leon Smits

Leon Smits

Facilitator & Coach Growth Hacking

Esther Koning

Esther Koning

Facilitator & Outdoor coach in leadership, resilience & vitality

Jeffrey Buik

Jeffrey Buik

Trainer Marketing Automation

Nima Moradi

Nima Moradi

Trainer & Coach Growth Hacking

Fre Hooft van Huysduynen

Fre Hooft van Huysduynen

Coach Life & Stage presence

Ruben Zantingh-Božić

Ruben Zantingh-Božić

Trainer Email Marketing

Martin van Kranenburg

Martin van Kranenburg

Teacher of AI & ChatGPT in conversion and copywriting

Anouschka Scholten

Anouschka Scholten

Trainer Interaction Design, User Research and UX Design

Jurgen Tonneyck

Jurgen Tonneyck

Trainer HTML/CSS & Javascript

Sjoerd Walinga

Sjoerd Walinga

Trainer in User Experience, Usability, Behavioral Psychology, Conversion Optimization

Niek van Halteren

Niek van Halteren

Leadership facilitator | Speaker

Miloud Ourahou

Miloud Ourahou

Trainer A/B testing

Marijn Rings - Wijma

Marijn Rings - Wijma

Innovation Professional

Elja Boxman

Elja Boxman

Trainer Specialized in Leadership, Sales, and Communication

What our current
talents say about
this track.


"As a Digital Designer at The Talent Institute I’m in control of my growth and creativity. I get to try my hand at various projects and team up with cool clients to explore the many sides of UX design, from research to implementation."

Charlene van Lieshout
Digital Designer


"I'm always surprised by the personal development training and coaching we get. The amount TTI has helped me with really difficult challenges on a personal level, and the fact colleagues are so open about these things, is very special."

Duncan Lorraine
Lead Digital Designer


"TTI provides me with strong belief and support, showing confidence in my abilities and expecting my success. From the beginning, I worked with major clients, which helped me learn quickly and grow my portfolio significantly."

Iris Hendriksen
Alumni Digital Designer


"TTI provides us with a wide range of trainings on Fridays which inspires me with different topics ranging from soft skills to hard skills. The trainings not only help me with my projects but also shape me as a person and as a professional designer."

Parastou Raeis Ghanavati
Digital Designer


I appreciate how, at TTI, we emphasize challenging the status quo of Positive Impact. In our projects, we explore ways to create an impact on both People and the Planet, rather than solely focussing on Profit. This ethos also extends to how we view our own organization, fostering a culture where the environment and its people are important. This makes my work as a Digital Innovator more meaningful and interesting!

Roos Mink Veenema
Alumni Digital Designer

The perks.

Start salary:
€ 2700 and € 3000.
Pension scheme.
Uncapped bonus.
25 days off per year.
Work remote
for 1 month per year.
Work at a
Certified B Corporation.
Apple MacBook. 
Cool offices
including padel court.

Apply to become aDigital Designer.

Join The Talent Institute. Develop your skills. Grow as a person. All while working at the most challenging projects at leading companies.

For questions, you can get in touch with our Talent Manager Charlotte.

Apply to become a


Who is this Digital Designer track for?

We are looking for an HBO/WO graduate with 0-4 years of experience, who has a passion for UX design and UX research, ideally living in The Randstad.

What does the application process look like?

1. Game-based assessment & profile information

It’s time to apply via the link we will send you by mail & have some fun whilst you’re at it by completing the non-bias neurogame assessment via Equalture.

2. Introduction interview at our office

Our Talent & Community Manager Charlotte will arrange a 30-minute  interview with you to assess your fit for the job.

3. Case round

It’s time to show us your skills by completing our innovation, design or marketing case.

4. Final assessment round at our office

The final stage of the application process. You will join us at our office in de Kauwgomballenfabriek to talk with 3 people from the team.

Do you support a work permit?

No, we cannot provide IND visa sponsorship to candidates. You need to have a valid residence and work permit before you can apply.

What will be my workplace?

It depends on the client or project you are working on. Always at least one day at TTI to learn, connect and have fun. And you can otherwise choose between your home or a coffee company.

When is the program start date?

The first start date is in Q3 2024. If you're already interested in beginning the application process, you can do so.

What kind of employee contract do I get?

You will get an employment contract with TTI.

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