Become a Digital Innovator.

You’ll learn all you need to become an effective innovation professional, feeling right at home working on disruptive corporate innovation projects.

Is this you?


1 - 3 years experience


Start salary: €2700 to €3000

Track overview.

Startdate: August / September 2024

  • First month kick-off training.

    We believe in experiential learning: you’ll get
    assigned to a real-life case, which automatically
    unlocks all skills and tools you need to start as an
    aspiring innovation expert.

  • Get to work on innovation.

    After your first month of training, you’ll get to work on challenging innovation projects at companies like Heineken, Philips, or PostNL. Help them to shape the future of their business.

  • Coaching & development.

    The most unique part of this job is our development program. Our development program transforms you with expert coaching, industry insights, and unique experiences, including silent retreats and ice-bath challenges, while gaining expertise in areas like Generative A.I., Lean Startup, Business Model Design, Value Proposition, Customer Development, and Stakeholder Management.

Innovation projects you
get to work on.

Here are some examples of talents where you can read about the various roles and projects, as well as the project durations you can engage in.


Emma Bruijn

Product Researcher

10 months @ Philips

In my PRC role, our aim was to enhance user experience across multiple propositions. To foster growth opportunities and introduce innovative features, I facilitated full-day workshops. By successfully conducting physical user tests and digital surveys, we validated key insights to work on. Through project management, I ensured the implementation of new and improved features, resulting in an enhanced user experience.


Misi Gulyas

Product Researcher

3 Months @ Phillips

Misi helped Philips to adopt a more user-centric product innovation process by making use of mindsets instead of personas by looking at overlapping values of shavers instead of demographics. Finally, he facilitated multiple workshops and a keynote session to incorporate mindsets in the standard research process.


Roel Vink

E-Commerce Business Manager

7 months @ Miele X

Roel was involved in the validation and concept development of a Miele Delivery and Installation service, culminating in a concept firmly grounded in validated consumer insights. This concept was further reinforced by a comprehensive business case that delineated the concept's business potential and provided a detailed implementation plan.


Vicky Stor

Innovation Consultant

7 months @ PostNL

Vicky spent 7 months at NummerNul, initially exploring opportunities in the Dutch energy sector, and subsequently, she developed and tested propositions aimed at solving issues faced by Dutch residents in this domain.


Michiel Taskasap

User Researcher

8 months @ Philips

Michiel was tasked with discovering and validating new features for two types of low-end beard trimmers, with the goal of driving growth in the Indian market. He contributed significant value by leveraging his innovation expertise to enhance the user experience. Multiple features were subjected to user testing in order to gather insights into satisfaction and usability.


Floor Jacobs

Change Project Manager

6 Months @ Enexis

Floor had the task of defining a new employee experience to improve satisfaction and initiate a culture change. She collaborated closely with HR, operations, and communication teams to align with top leadership, ultimately creating an actionable roadmap for cultural change through the 'Leiderschapskompas-program.

your skills.

Our development program ensures you have the necessary skills. Join these masterclasses conducted by experts at our office. 

The Lean Startup Method.

Build and iterate innovative products or services efficiently using lean methodology and customer feedback.

Customer Development.

Understand customer needs, conduct market research, and refine your value proposition for customer-centric solutions.

Data Analytics.

Harness data to make informed business decisions and extract valuable insights for strategic actions.

Generative A.I.

Discover how to grow a business with maximum acceleration.

"The steep professional learning curve attracted me to TTI, but who knew it would also bring personal growth? Now I realize how valuable these insights will be for all my future projects!"

Misi Gulyas
Digital Innovator 

Value Proposition Design.

Craft compelling value propositions that effectively communicate the unique benefits of your product or service.

Stakeholder Management.

Effectively identify, engage, and manage stakeholders to ensure alignment and collaboration in the innovation process.

Problem Solving.

Learn systematic approaches and techniques to identify and solve complex problems.

Project Management.

Learn essential techniques to plan, organize, and execute innovation projects successfully.

Effective Communication.

Hone verbal and written communication skills for articulating ideas, influencing stakeholders, and fostering teamwork.

Self Awareness.

Enhance self-awareness to understand strengths, weaknesses, values, and motivations for intentional decision-making and collaboration.

Stress Resilience.

Build resilience to cope with challenges, setbacks, and maintain productivity and well-being.

The Growth Mindset.

Cultivate a mindset that embraces challenges, learning from failures, and seeking growth opportunities.

Learn from
the best coaches.

Mike van Hoenselaar

Mike van Hoenselaar

Trainer Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Ewoud Uphof

Ewoud Uphof

Trainer Goal tree, Experimentation & Optimisation

Carla Siebinga

Carla Siebinga

Innovation professional

Aylin Vegter

Aylin Vegter

Trainer Google Ads

Leon Smits

Leon Smits

Facilitator & Coach Growth Hacking

Esther Koning

Esther Koning

Facilitator & Outdoor coach in leadership, resilience & vitality

Jeffrey Buik

Jeffrey Buik

Trainer Marketing Automation

Nima Moradi

Nima Moradi

Trainer & Coach Growth Hacking

Fre Hooft van Huysduynen

Fre Hooft van Huysduynen

Coach Life & Stage presence

Ruben Zantingh-Božić

Ruben Zantingh-Božić

Trainer Email Marketing

Martin van Kranenburg

Martin van Kranenburg

Teacher of AI & ChatGPT in conversion and copywriting

Anouschka Scholten

Anouschka Scholten

Trainer Interaction Design, User Research and UX Design

Jurgen Tonneyck

Jurgen Tonneyck

Trainer HTML/CSS & Javascript

Sjoerd Walinga

Sjoerd Walinga

Trainer in User Experience, Usability, Behavioral Psychology, Conversion Optimization

Niek van Halteren

Niek van Halteren

Leadership facilitator | Speaker

Miloud Ourahou

Miloud Ourahou

Trainer A/B testing

Marijn Rings - Wijma

Marijn Rings - Wijma

Innovation Professional

Elja Boxman

Elja Boxman

Trainer Specialized in Leadership, Sales, and Communication

What our current
Digital Innovators say about
this track.


"What I appreciate about TTI is the opportunity to witness various companies innovate, while feeling like a integral part of both the customers and TTI's team. Moreover, the innovation roles I have undertaken have provided plenty of room for initiative and professional development."

Zoë van Lotringen

Digital Innovator 


"It is really nice when your colleagues serve as a great safety net. For both professional and personal questions, we can turn to each other. Additionally, we take part in planning cultural events ourselves, allowing you to contribute what you believe is important in order to create a great culture."

Sonne Smith

Digital Innovator 


"Love it that we have a padel court available to play some games with colleagues! :)"

Max Wijbrandts

Lead Digital Innovator


"Working at the Talent Institute allows me to stay at the forefront of new developments, such as AI, and actively apply them in real-world scenarios. Bringing theory and practical experience together."

Roel Vink

Digital Innovator

The perks.

Start salary:
€ 2700 and € 3000.
Pension scheme.
Uncapped bonus.
25 days off per year.
Work remote
for 1 month per year.
Work at a
B-Certified company.
Apple MacBook. 
Cool offices
including padel court.

Apply to become aDigital Innovator.

Join The Talent Institute. Develop your skills. Grow as a person. All while working at the most challenging projects at leading companies.

For questions, you can get in touch with our Talent Manager Charlotte.

Apply to become a

Application proces.

1. Game-based assessment

It’s time to apply via the link we will send you by mail & have some fun whilst you’re at it by completing the non-bias neurogame assessment via Equalture. 

2. Introduction interview at our office

Our Talent & Community Manager Charlotte will arrange a 30-minute interview with you to assess your fit for the job.

3. Show us your skills by completing our the case

You have 7 days to complete this, which will require approximately 3.5 hours of work.

3. Final assessment round at our office

Join us at our office in the Kauwgomballenfabriek for the final stage. Speak with three team members and present your case.


What are the boxes I need to tick in order to qualify for the Digital Innovator job track?

You need 0 to max. 4 years of working experience. A Bachelors or Masters degree is required and you should be profound in English. Ideally, you’re living in the Randstad area and obviously you need to be passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation: you’re someone that believes that technology can be a key factor in helping to solve our world’s problems.

What does the application process look like?

1. Game-based assessment & profile information

It’s time to apply via the link we will send you by mail & have some fun whilst you’re at it by completing the non-bias neurogame assessment via Equalture.

2. Introduction interview at our office

Our Talent & Community Manager Charlotte will arrange a 30-minute  interview with you to assess your fit for the job.

3. Case round

It’s time to show us your skills by completing our innovation, design or marketing case.

4. Final assessment round at our office

The final stage of the application process. You will join us at our office in de Kauwgomballenfabriek to talk with 3 people from the team.

Could you tell me a bit more about your hiring process?

At The Talent Institute, we firmly believe that diverse teams perform better than monotonous teams. We aim for a 50/50 male-to-female split and people that identify themselves as any other than male or female are just as welcome. We also place great importance on diversity in backgrounds and cultures, thus we set a goal of having 11% of our employees identify as Non-Western, which is the same percentage at Dutch universities and higher education institutions. To minimize the chances of subjective hiring we partnered up with Equalture for our hiring process. This is a revolutionary game-based assessment technology, designed to remove subjectivity from start to hire.

When is the program start date?

The first start date is in Q3 2024. If you're already interested in beginning the application process, you can do so.

What will be my workplace?

It depends on the client or project you are working on. Always at least one day at TTI to learn, connect and have fun. And you can otherwise choose between your home or a coffee company.

Do you support a work permit?

No, we cannot provide IND visa sponsorship to candidates. You need to have a valid residence and work permit before you can apply.

What kind of employee contract do I get?

You will get an employment contract with TTI.

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