Start as trainee at Arie Fixt 't

Working at Arie Fixt 't

Arie Fixt t is a start-up of Pon Equipment, an importer of Caterpillar excavators in The Netherlands. Pon wants to digitally disrupt the earthmoving market through this mobile app. The app aims to make it easier, faster and more transparent to run an earthmoving company. Customers can easily arrange parts, mechanics or rental machines through the Arie Fixt t’ app.

Arie Fixt t in a nutshell

  • Small start-up within Pon (just like Check, Swapfiets and Greenwheels)
  • Lots of freedom
  • Get ready to disrupt the earthmoving market with Arie Fixt t.
  • No affinity with earthmoving necessary. We’ll teach you how to dig.

What you’ll do at Arie Fixt 't

Arie Fixt t was founded in 2020 with a successful launch, and by 2021 the app has become multi-brand’, so the entire market can now use it. In 2026 they want to be the number 1 platform for excavators in the Netherlands. You’ll join a marketing team of 3 from the office in Almere to work on activation and retention of news users for the app, and more.

  • Finding out how activation and retention can be improved
  • Testing with online and offline experiments on how to activate users best. 
  • Analyze data & optimize marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google. 
  • You are a sparring partner and pioneer of the digital strategy for Pon Equipment.

Let's talk about the benefits

  • Soccer tournament in the Olympic Stadium
  • Company wintersport
  • Unlimited digging!

Charlotte Wammes

Talent Recruiter