Kickstart your career as Growth Hacker

Startdate next traineeship: 15 November | Apply deadline: 25 October

About the Traineeship

Our Growth Hacking Traineeship is a fast-paced program of 6 months to help you become a growth hacker. In this leading program that has helped 650+ young professionals to become a growth hacker, you’ll be working and learning at the same time. Together with a group of like-minded trainees, you’ll learn all the necessary skills to help companies grow through digital marketing. At the same time, you’ll put your new skills into practice at a startup of scale-up and gain valuable working experience.

Why you should become a Growth Hacker?

Growth hacking is one of the most in-demand roles in 2021. No need to worry about the future, companies will be waiting in line to hire you. Growth Hacking roles are even the 2nd most emerging jobs in the latest LinkedIn report. Being a growth hacker is a varied role, as you will work on different aspects in the world of digital marketing, product growth, and design.

Development Program: What you will learn?

If you join the Growth Hacking Traineeship you will be immersed in a full learning experience to help you learn all the ins- and outs of Growth Hacking. We’ll teach you all the essential digital skills to become a full-stack growth marketer.

Some facts about the development program: 

  • Learning with a cohort of like-minded young professionals

  • 3‑week full-time onboarding training at the HQ of The Talent Institute

  • 12 days of additional training to develop yourself to the fullest.

  • Get training from the best experts in the field. 

  • Blended learning with workshops, cases, coaching, events. 

  • Access to 80+ online learning modules to make you a real expert.

At work: Where will you work?

Next to development program, you’ll be working at a digital focussed company for 5 months during the traineeship. Why? Because we believe in learn-by-doing. We will match you with one of our partner companies, eager to have you on board as their growth hacker. Companies such as Rituals, FEST Amsterdam, Parkmobile, Elevate Digital and Rijksmuseum have hired our growth hacking trainees, and you could be their next superstar.

You wil join our community

You will start your adventure with 15 – 25 fellow trainees with backgrounds in different disciplines. As you learn from each other and from the workshops, you’ll soon find your colleagues to be friends for life.

But that’s not all, after graduating you’ll be part of our network of 650+ young professionals that work at leading companies in digital industries. I think we can say that this is the most valuable thing about the whole program. Expect new job opportunities, network, advice, events and a lot of fun.

Application proces

Interested to Join? Great, you will not regret. 

We have the following application proces: 

  • Apply to the program
  • Complete a set of gamified neurogames
  • A 30-minute virtual interview 
  • Upload a video-pitch to motivate your choice
  • Half-day recruitment-event with a case
  • Passed everything? Get ready to be matched to a company

Note; This program is only suitable for native Dutch speaking talents. 

Want to know more first? Download the brochure. 

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Ready to join our ride?

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