The Digital Innovator program

What's it all about?

You’ve got 1 to 3 years of working experience under your belt, so you’re not a rookie anymore. You’re fascinated by disruptive innovation and using your digital skills and tools to create impact within the world of corporate innovation. 

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Did I just describe you? Join our 2 year multi-company young professional program that will shape you to become a full-stack innovation professional that has the relevant skills, tools & mindset necessary to create genuine impact within the world of corporate innovation. 

During the 2 years you will work on innovation projects at companies such as Heineken, FrieslandCampina & RAI Amsterdam.

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Become an innovation expert

Over the course of the 2-year program, you will dive into a range of different corporate innovation projects.
Use design thinking to go from ideas to validated value propositions; fine-tune, prototype and market test your MVP or establish a growth plan to take your corporate-startup to the next level. One thing is for sure; you will learn a lot, and fast!


Create real impact

Digital Growth and Innovation is all about rapid experimentation to learn what works and what doesn’t. As a Digital Innovator, you don’t tell corporates what to do. You will be a front runner in the execution of their innovation projects.


2-year development program

Over the 2 year program, you will become a part of 3 to 6 different innovation projects, each ranging from 3 to 9 months. Not only different stages (ideation, validation, build) but also different contexts which will accelerate your growth and development. From Monday to Thursday you will work at your client’s office, but on Friday you will be in our office @ B.Amsterdam where personal and innovation coaches, trainings and other Digital Innovators are there to boost your project.


Join our entrepreneurial ecosystem

We are part of the 'We Empower Innovators' Network. Together with Startupbootcamp & corporate innovation facilitator Innoleaps. We are located in B. Amsterdam.
Occupying over 40,000 square meters across 3 buildings, it is the biggest start-up hub in Europe & focuses on creative workspaces for innovation, education, and growth. The network enables us to find the best industry experts in any relevant field, and our Digital Innovators are intensively coached by start-up founders and corporate innovators that have partnered with us.

We are: The Talent Institute

Meet our Digital Innovators

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Use your digital skills to create impact within the world of corporate innovation

The Talent Institute empowers the next generation of young professionals and companies to grow and innovate. We achieve this by sourcing the best talent, immersing them in the latest digital skills and finally connecting them with some of the finest start-ups, scale-ups and corporates.

Our secret? Enabling the Growth Mindset. The notion that any skill necessary, in this ever-changing world, can be acquired, if you put your mind to it. Let’s enjoy the ride.

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