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Let’s create the next generation of young professionals

You’re running a start-up or scale-up and you’re on the hunt for talent that can take care of things like digital marketing, google analytics and marketing automation. Chances are you’ve discovered there is a knowledge gap between the current education level of applicants and what you need in reality: making it difficult to find young people fit for the job.

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Our solution: let’s join hands and create the next generation of Growth Hackers together. We’ll take care of the recruitment and training, you offer them a position at your company. They will learn on the job & quickly take your company to the next level. 

Participate in our traineeship to hire the talent that will help your company grow.

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How does it work?


We recruit the best talent

At the start of the traineeship, we recruit and select the best young professionals. How do we know they are the best? All our trainees go through a strict recruitment procedure to ensure high-quality. We don't just accept anyone into our program, in the last 4.5 years we’ve received thousands of applicants and accepted only the best future Growth Hacking talents. You can trust us.


We train and coach them

We will make sure that our Growth Hacking trainees are ready to help your company grow. In our 6-month traineeship, we provide them with over 250 hours of training, online learning tracks customized to your company needs and multiple coaching sessions.


You offer them a place at your company

We believe in learning by doing. All of our trainees will apply their learnings during the traineeship for 5 months at one of the selected companies. Make sure you secure your spot to accelerate your growth with our next-generation talent.


Trainee value

The Growth Hacking trainee will take care of everything from online marketing, google analytics and marketing automation depending on your companies challenge. They will also bring the Growth Mindset to your company culture.

Trust us, we've done this before.

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We have helped more than 600 companies, all around the world!

Let us help you find your next generation digital talent

The Talent Institute empowers the next generation of young professionals and companies to grow and innovate. We achieve this by sourcing the best talent, immersing them in the latest digital skills and finally connecting them with some of the finest start-ups, scale-ups and corporates.

Our secret? Enabling the Growth Mindset. The notion that any skill necessary, in this ever-changing world, can be acquired, if you put your mind to it. Let’s enjoy the ride.

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