Tim Kuijsters

My biggest learning; The Growth Mindset

Tim Kuijsters was part of the Growth Hacking Traineeship in October 2019 and was matched with equipment leasing company, Beequip. We caught up with Tim towards then end of his 6‑month traineeship & asked him a few questions about his growth hacking experience.

How has joining the growth hacking traineeship impacted your career?
It has impacted my career a lot! For me, it’s very interesting to see how fast digital marketing evolves, there is almost always something new coming to light. I feel like my mindset can distinguish me from other people working in the same industry. The Growth Mindset has already had such a big impact on both my personal, and professional life & I know that I can always fall back on it. For me, I don’t worry about not getting a job anymore because I have this mindset and a backpack full of experience and knowledge that can always help me.

In the lead-up the traineeship start date, I was so excited. I had no idea what to expect when I walked through the doors on my first day at The Talent Institute. I was introduced to so many new people which is always interesting, and the atmosphere was very relaxed. I immediately felt very comfortable & I was itching to get started on my 6‑month journey!

When you join the Growth Hacking traineeship, you don’t solely focus on hard skills. You also build on your soft skills, which is invaluable. You don’t get access to this kind of training if you follow an online course for example.

What does the Growth mindset mean to you?
In my eyes, the biggest thing you learn at The Talent Institute is the Growth Mindset. It’s so different compared to how a regular company would approach it. They would approach it like we want to have results” etc.. Here it’s more like: okay, within this mindset; by just doing, learning, & iterating etc.” 

It’s so fulfilling because, for me, there is always a focus on winning, performing and getting results but the fundamental layer is more focused on the process. More emphasis is placed on your learnings, and I think eventually that mindset is what yields the best results.
The emphasis on making mistakes and how you deal with them, that’s where the gold is for me. That’s where you can learn the most but it also takes a little bit the pressure off and allows you to process & grow. 

Tim Kuijsters

"I would recommend this traineeship to anyone who is interested in this field of Digital Marketing. I think it's a very good step to kick off your career. The quality of the experts & facilitators that come here and expose their experience is on a very high level. That's what makes this traineeship so valuable. It's delivered by real people, with real scenarios explaining real experiences and problems that your actually face as a Growth Hacker. I was and I am still impressed by that!"

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