Carmen Teuwen

Starting off as a Growth Hacking Trainee: what’s it like?

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Our Growth Hacking Trainee Carmen Teuwen started off her adventure at The Growth Hacking Traineeship in March 2021, in the middle of the pandemic. For 2 months now she’s been working at Go Fast Forward, a company that helps scale-ups to grow. But how does TTI prepare their trainees for the challenges of start-ups and scale-ups? Carmen tells us more about her experience of the first three weeks of training.

Carmen, can you tell us a little about you and your background?

I graduated from Academie Artemis and was struggling to find a job. I did several courses and did some more interviews after that, but it didn’t help as the pandemic started. Then I heard of the traineeship from a friend of mine, who did the same programme a few years ago. I applied and eventually got matched to Go Fast Forward, which I was really happy about!’

You got in! And then what?

Unlike the other trainees, we weren’t able to step into the office for our training. Everything was online, so I opened my laptop on the first day; full of adrenaline. I was really excited! What are we going to learn, what’s going to happen? These questions start running through your mind.’

What do you do in the first weeks?

The first few days were full of new information. We did exercises to get to know the other trainees, we learnt all the basics of growth hacking and experimentation and had training in different tools and subjects, such as Google Analytics and Experiment Design. After the introduction, we were divided into groups and had to start working on a case…’

What was the case like?

For the case, you basically have to start your own business within a few days. We started brainstorming and soon thought of a dating box’ for singles who were dating in times of corona. We had to interview people to find product-market fit, build a landing page, and run experiments and Facebook ads to validate our target audience and proposition. This was really fun to do, and the days flew by. After 3 weeks we thought: how can this have gone by so fast?’

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt?

To always be testing. To find out who your target audience really is, and to know who you’re selling to. And to always keep asking questions. That’s something I keep saying to myself now I’m working at Go Fast Forward, and which I try to apply to my daily tasks here.

How was the switch from the training weeks to working at your company?

Well, it feels like you’re never really ready. But I learnt that you just have to start before you’re ready. The training weeks gave me a Just do it’-mentality. At Go Fast Forward, I almost immediately started with setting up my own Linkedin Ad Campaigns. I also invited one of our trainers at TTI, Martin van Kranenburg, to come and give a webinar at GFW. After the training weeks, you rapidly get into working life and suddenly you’re an employee. I really enjoy how fast things go in this traineeship.’

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