Pasquala van Beusekom

Go that extra mile not only for a company, but for yourself!

Pasquala van Beusekom joined the Growth Hacking Traineeship in October 2019. We’ve interviewed Pasquala during her traineeship period. Currently she is still working as a Growth Hacker at Measuremen, the company where she also worked during her traineeship. 

Why did you joined the Growth Hacking Traineeship?

Believe it or not, my dream job was always to be the next presenter of the 8 o’clock news for NOS. I did my internship at the local Amsterdam news station which was really fun, and then completed my Master’s degree in Television & Crossmedia in the kind of the same field. But once I’d graduated came the question what’s next?

I wrote my thesis about co-creation, a form of online marketing, which I found really interesting and learnt a lot from. I was interested in looking into the world of marketing so I looked at live job vacancies and I felt so overwhelmed. Even after studying for so many years, I felt like my skill-set didn’t correspond to any of the vacancies and I was left feeling unconfident in my own abilities. This raised the same question again, what’s next?

Honestly, I felt too old to be an intern. I just graduated from my masters; it almost felt like taking a step back. But I was very aware that I didn’t have the skills & practical experience I needed to get a job within marketing — that’s when I was introduced to The Talent Institute. 

When I first came to The Talent Institute office, it’s like everything clicked into place. I immediately thought this is the right choice for me. 6 months is short and practical, and it covered what missed the background of my studies. So I just decided why not? I’m going to give it a try!

Looking back now, at the end of my traineeship I can say I’m really happy with the decisions I’ve made. I’m still sometimes shocked by the amount of information I was able to absorb in just 6 months! In the beginning, it’s tiring, you have to turn your brain back on — but the team at The Talent Institute make learning so much fun. The vibe in the group is great, your surrounded by like-minded young professionals who all want to learn, have fun and get the most from the 6‑month traineeship. 

What was your biggest takeaway from the Traineeship?

That I can learn anything. I’ve always been taught that you study, then you know and then you apply. But in real life, it just doesn’t work like that. You do something, you maybe make a few mistakes, you learn from it and you try it again and if it doesn’t work, you repeat the process. This is the most valuable process I can take away from the traineeship because it impacts all aspects of my life, and makes me feel comfortable with not having all the answers immediately, because I know I’ll get there.

What I also really admired about The Talent Institute is that they take you with them in the process from the very beginning. They always made sure I figured it out myself, whilst supporting me. They take my hand and lead me in a direction but they don’t force-feed me the information. In this way, you really make sure that you are learning it by doing it yourself.

What would you like to pass on to your generation?

I believe there is a huge gap between studying & professional work life. Our generation has been fed with unrealistic ideas. We all want the best job, with the highest salary and to work in the coolest office location with top perks but if we put this all to one side and focused on finding a job we are passionate about and actually really enjoy, we would feel more fulfillment. 

We’d be more motivated, we’d learn more and achieve greater results because we want to go the extra mile; not only for the company but for ourselves. I’m grateful that I could take a step back and find out what I’m really passionate about — & now I’ve found it, I’m ready to go for it 100%.

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