Noor van Gijssel

The Growth Mindset is so powerful; I believe I can learn anything I want to!

Noor van Gijsel was a Growth Hacking Trainee in the program of March 2019. During the traineeship she worked at Urbee, an electric bike-sharing service. We interviewed her during the traineeship about her learnings and experiences.

Why did you join The Talent Institute?
I was searching for a traineeship in online marketing when I was recommended The Talent Institute from my cousin who had previously been a trainee. I did some research and quickly realised that it was a great fit indeed, I wanted to start immediately!

The team working at The Talent Institute are all young, ambitious and very enthusiastic. From day one, this made me feel comfortable and at ease. I didn’t experience any barrier between trainee and teacher. It helped me in finding my way and empowered me in thinking that I could be of real value for a company!

What is your biggest takeaway so far?
Where I used to think: I’m not capable of ever doing that’, I now think: I want to learn how to do that’. I have learned that I am capable of a lot more than I initially think. I believe this mindset is so powerful, I can learn anything I want to!

What are you doing now?
I’m now in the 4th month of the traineeship and I work at Urbee, together with 2 other Growth Hacking trainees from The Talent Institute. We all have our own individual projects, but we also support and help each other a lot as we are at different stages in the traineeship.
Urbee is a very informal and fun company, which I really appreciate. I am currently working on a project in Nijmegen. I particularly like it because the project began at the same time as I did, so I have been involved since the beginning and I am seeing the progress we’re making. It’s really nice to see first hand that you can influence the success of a project. 

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The Growth Hacking traineeship form The Talent Institute combines the best of both worlds: education and work experience. This traineeship is especially fitting if you're interested in start-ups and looking for broaden your marketing knowledge. It's very hands-on. Instead of learning from books dating back to the 1990s, you learn what really matters in practise.

— Noor van Gijssel

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