Manon Cremer

I learned so much and I love the community

Manon Cremer was part of the Growth Hacking Traineeship in March 2019. We’ve interviewed her about the reasons why she joined and her experience as Growth Hacker. 

Why did you apply for the Growth-Hacking Traineeship?

After finishing my studies in commercial economics, I applied for multiple jobs, but they all turned me down because there were other candidates with more experience, even for junior roles! I was eager to learn more about Online Marketing and specifically Data-Driven Marketing so I applied for a traineeship in Growth Hacking.

Can you tell us about your experience as Growth Hacking Trainee?

My time at The Talent Institute is giving me exactly what I need to better prepare myself for the current job market. I really liked the idea of one month of full-time training to kick start my Growth Hacking knowledge before starting at a company and implementing my skills.
With this traineeship, I feel more empowered and ready to be a business professional.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I am in the fourth month of my traineeship. I work at Urbee, the shared e‑bike service in Amsterdam. I am currently working on their new app and I am responsible for the current and a new, still to be developed, website.
Urbee is a start-up evolving to a scale-up, which I believe, It is the perfect landscape for a Growth Hacker!”

What do you like about The Talent Institute?

The people who work at The Talent Institute are young, extremely energetic and fun. I also love the drinks and the community events which makes The Talent Institute feel more like a community than a school.
The most valuable takeaway from my traineeship so far is that I have learnt where my passion lies. I really enjoy optimising conversions and developing the user experience. Every day I go to work, I do what I love and contribute to a better world with electric bike-sharing. How awesome is that!

An essential aspect of both Growth Hacking and creative thinking is not being afraid to fail - Manon Cremer.

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