Lara Vermeulen

Lara Vermeulen. Growth Hacking trainee.

Why did you join TTI?
After completing my studies in HR Management at de Hogeschool van Amsterdam, and dabbling in HR and recruitment roles I quickly learned that this was not for me, not in terms of a job that fulfilled my dreams anyway! I realised I really wanted to dive deeper into the world of employer branding, but where on earth do I start I thought to myself? I have no education within this area, which meant it would be difficult for me to pursue my aspirations.
Within my previous jobs, I was active daily on LinkedIn and I kept seeing Growth Hackers’ at The Talent Institute. It got me.
Was this the place I could gain the desired knowledge and the skills I wanted to develop?

I was really interested. After a call with the recruiter at TTI during which I got a lot of clarity on what Growth Hacking was, I was even more excited & immediately knew: I want this!!”

What are you doing now?
I am completing my traineeship at Get.Noticed as a Growth Hacker! Right now I am responsible for creating and managing campaigns for a number of our key clients, this really gives me a lot of energy as each client has very different needs therefor my learnings are also very diverse! It’s really cool as I am now comfortable with using tools like Google Analytics, Google ads and also creating Facebook campaigns, which seemed so daunting in the beginning so it’s great for me to recognize how far I have come! The coolest thing about my job at Get.Noticed is that I’m also involved in the behaviour of the customer on the website for most of my clients. When you’re involved in the whole online user experience, you are really making a difference for the client. So basically, I’ve multiple jobs, for multiple companies and I’m never bored.

What difference has TTI made to you?
I am so happy that I have been able to learn a lot of skills in such a short time frame! In just four months I have gained invaluable knowledge that I use daily at Get.Noticed, and that I will carry with me and build upon whatever my next steps are! You really feel like you are making a big impact within your company & your opinion is highly regarded!
The Talent institute taught me that it’s ok to make mistakes, in fact, its regarded as a good thing to make mistakes as you are creating endless learnings for yourself! The more you experiment, the more you grow! I am now excited to expand my knowledge and become a real online marketing guru!!”

Would you recommend the traineeship to a young professional?
Yes! The people who work for The Talent Institute are young and have a very personal approach, because of this it does not feel like school’ but more like a fun meeting whereby you are motivated to be there, and in turn, you end up learning a lot more!! The deep dives are given by real experts, who really know what they are talking about. Their enthusiasm is infectious and they really make you want to get involved with the session!”

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