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How different types of coaching help our Digital Innovators

Our colleague Noor Kroese started off her journey at TTI as a Growth Hacking Trainee. After a short intermezzo and some travelling, she decided to come back and become a Digital Innovator. Almost 2,5 years later, she now is a Lead Digital Innovator with heaps of experience from working for different clients. One of the things that makes the program so special to her is the coaching. We’ll dive in deeper on the different types of coaching.

Tell us Noor, how have you experienced the Digital Innovator program, and the coaching around it?

Nowadays, when people start with the program, they’ll first have an onboarding month in which they’ll learn everything they need to know to start as a Digital Innovator. You’ll learn the right skills and mindset to have a flying start at a company. When I started, I was placed on a project straight away. I think this was very typical for TTI: go find out yourself and learn by doing. So I started off on a project for Nationale Nederlanden.

And where does coaching come in?

For every project, you’ll get a professional coach (or: project coach). This coach has years of experience in working on a corporate innovation department and now helps Digital Innovators with strategic problems and helps decide on next steps for your project. You’ll have a chat with this coach once every 2 weeks. The coach really helps you to look at the project differently and can help to push you in the right direction.

I believe this coaching is very useful. It’s awesome to be able to talk to someone with so much experience and you’ll get insights from a different perspective. The coach asks questions that force you to think out of the box.

It can seem daunting at first to start off at a big corporate on your own, but you’ll always have your coach to lean on.

The professional coaching helped me a lot. Someone with a lot of experience can give you heaps of useful tips about stakeholder management for example. Even if it’s something simple like sending a presentation to a whole department, if you’ve never done that before it’s nice to have someone that can help you.

Is this coach the same all the time?

You’ll have the same coach for an entire project. When you’ve finished a project you’ll reflect on what went well and what didn’t, and then you’ll round up the project with that coach. It’s always the same coach for an entire project to ensure the coach is always up-to-date on what you’re doing. 

This is very useful too. Because you’re letting them know how you progress, it forces you to reflect and look at your project with a helicopter view. What am I doing right now? What have I done the past 2 weeks? Asking yourself these questions really helps to stay on track, especially for a chaotic person like me.

''We really think there’s a correlation between personal development and happiness and that’s what we have the personal coach for''

— Noor Kroese

And what about coaching on a personal level?

When I started as a Digital Innovator, we had personal coaching once a month. You’ll start off with a Personal Leadership Program. You’ll explore your passions, your norms and values, and you’ll find out what gives you energy. This is a program you’ll keep doing for the entire DI program. Now I still have these coaching sessions once every 2 months.

At TTI we really think it’s important that besides a healthy working environment, you feel happy on a personal level too. We really think there’s a correlation between personal development and happiness and that’s what we have the personal coach for.

In these coaching sessions you’re the one that’s responsible for what you get out of it. You decide what your goals are and what you want to talk about. Because you know yourself best.

Currently I’m focussing in these coaching sessions on what I’m going to do in the future. What will I do after TTI? What do I want to get out of my next job? All these conversations are fully confidential, too. And it’s just really nice to be able to share everything. Not that it’s like a psychologist or something, it’s really about setting goals, what do I want to develop and what can I become good at.

How was this for you?

These sessions have been really valuable to me. I had never had a coach before or had never been to a psychologist, so I wasn’t used to talking about myself for so long. But it really makes you think about your norms and values and what you want to contribute to the world. It’s nice to have someone to hold up a mirror and that asks you tough questions. I mean, you can talk to friends and family but these coaches are really trained to get the most out of these conversations.

What kind of coaching do you get as Lead Digital Innovator?

After 2 years as a Digital Innovator you’ll get the chance of becoming a Lead. And as a Lead, you’ll get different kinds of coaching. Together with the other Leads you’ll focus on group coaching sessions about situational and authentic leadership. How do you lead a group of people and what kind of leader do you want to be? In these coaching sessions we practice a lot through role plays, so it’s not just theory.

As a Lead Digital Innovator you’ll have a more responsible role and you’re also responsible for the projects of other Digital Innovators.

Last but not least, why should something consider becoming a Digital Innovator?

The best way to answer this question is to speak for my own experience, and why I am so happy I chose this career. During this program TTI will really help you in every way possible to bring out the best in you. Through all the coaching and training you’ll constantly be growing. And surely you’ll be put outside of your comfort zone. It can be scary at times to shake things up at big corporations, but you learn a lot by doing it this way. I’m really glad I made the choice to become a Lead Digital Innovator, too. I’ll definitely stick around for a couple of more years and would recommend anyone to come and do the same!

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