Lisa Kroef

From Growth Hacking Traineeship to a freelancer in Copenhagen

Lisa Kroef joined the Growth Hacking Traineeship at The Talent Institute in November 2018. We’ve interviewed Lisa after the traineeship and a lot has changed for her since then. For one, she followed her dreams & moved to Copenhagen where she is now employed as a freelance Growth Hacker through her Growth Hacking traineeship.

Hi Lisa, how did you endup with the Growth Hacking Traineeship?

Before joining the Growth Hacking traineeship, I was working for a couple of years — but I noticed I was really missing some key digital skills. After discovering the Growth Hacking traineeship at The Talent Institute, I took a leap of faith and left my job to focus solely on Growth Hacking.

During my traineeship, I was matched with fiKks. The traineeship showed me how many aspects of Growth Hacking there is. Also, I got the hang of all the basics of those aspects. The real empowerment, however, doesn’t start until you’re working for one of the companies. You need to figure out things by yourself. That’s the best way to learn and develop.

What are you up to now?
I currently live in Copenhagen where I work as a freelance Growth Hacker. I have my own office space which I share with a couple of other awesome freelancers. I think that’s one of the best things about being a Growth Hacker; you can work from anywhere in the world!
Even though I’ve only been working as a Growth Hacker for seven months, I already feel very confident in my job.

What does the Growth Mindset mean to you?
Creativity is also part of the Growth Mindset. To grow you need to think ahead and take things step-by-step. It’s important when you work for a startup because resources are tight. For me, it’s the power of not knowing what the outcome will be that keeps my creativity flowing.

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