Frederike Driesse

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How did you find your way to TTI?

Coming from a family of teachers, I’ve always been interested in education. I found myself in the Learning & Development field and was looking for a role that intertwined learning & development with the core business of the company. TTI’s unique proposition in handling learning & development caught my attention, and I got in touch with Roderik, whom I knew from high school.

Can you describe the training process for Digital Innovators?

TTI offers a comprehensive development program that includes training, coaching, challenges, and guidance in different areas of personal, professional, and domain development. We have experts in 3 domains. There’s the Digital Innovators, working on digital innovations at corporates. We provide a lot of training in that domain, as well as in (UX) design and Service Design. We also offer training in growth marketing for the growth hacking traineeship. Participants work on personal, professional, and domain development throughout the program.

"Our training program is designed to equip participants with the essential skills required for their career growth"

What type of training is involved?

Training on the personal level is less tangible but we believe this is critical to overall development. We offer resilience training, which includes controlling breathing and managing stress through an ice bath challenge. Group supervision is another training where participants discuss work cases with peers, learning how to ask the right questions and handle situations effectively.

What is the focus of the first year of the program? And how does it differ from the training in the second year?

The first year of the program is centered on personal development. Participants are assigned two coaches — an external coach for one-on-one support and a project coach for senior professional guidance. The focus is on intensive training, but we gradually encourage our talents to become more independent. You’ll notice that as you progress through the program, you’ll receive more training on managing higher-level stakeholders, authentic leadership or masters in communication. These types of themes are typically covered later in the program, and are among the key differences between the first and second year.

Can you explain why the training TTI provides is so important?

At TTI, we firmly believe in a growth mindset, which means that skills can be learned and developed over time. Our training program is designed to equip participants with the essential skills required for their career growth. These skills include leading meetings, providing effective feedback, and other necessary skills. By offering this training early on in their careers, we aim to have a significant impact on their development.

Can you tell us about the training format at TTI?

We use a combination of training methods at TTI, such as case sessions, deep dives, coaching, and online modules. The program starts with a pressure cooker onboarding case in the first month, and we gradually introduce more complex training as the program progresses.

What makes TTI’s development program stand out?

We are one of the few development programs that provide on-the-job training at the client site, along with guidance and support from our coaches. We also prioritize the importance of learning and growing in an ever-changing digital domain, and we challenge our talents to do so.

What are the career prospects after completing the program?

Digital Innovators are employed by us and placed in various corporate settings, such as NN, Heineken, and Philips. Our graduates often start in senior roles, which is a testament to the programs effectiveness. By providing a platform for personal development, we address the issue of companies seeking junior employees with years of experience.

Is there anything else you would like to say to someone considering joining the program?

TTI’s programs are exceptional and unmatched in quality. However, potential Digital Innovators should be prepared for a challenging experience that will take them out of their comfort zone. Nonetheless, we believe that our team’s support will make it possible for anyone to complete the program successfully.

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