Validating and launching a new sustainable pet food product for Purina

Who are we talking

Purina is one of the market leaders in the pet food industry and is on a journey to bring new sustainable pet solutions to pets and their owners. In line with this, they are exploring the opportunity of upcycled pet food products to reduce food waste.

🤔 The Challenge

Validating solution appeal for an upcycled snack proposition. As upcycling is new to the pet care industry, we set out to validate whether a dog snack containing upcycled ingredients solved an actual customer need. And that’s where our 2 Experiment Designers come in.

💡 Our Solution

Two Digital Innovators worked in four two-week sprints to validate solution appeal for this upcycled dog snack. We worked in two distinct phases: validation of the persona and need, and validation of solution appeal for an upcycled dog snack. 

We started with customer discovery and by conducting qualitative interviews and surveys we identified customer segments and their needs. In the following weeks we continuously iterated upon the concepts. With multiple social ad campaigns, landing pages and qualitative surveys we gathered essential customer insights to validate solution appeal for the concepts and update the value proposition. 

Based on all data gathered, we were able to narrow down the concepts into a winning’ concept MVP for Purina to shelf test within the Dutch market. 

🚀 The Results

We validated the business opportunities around upcycling’ for the Purina pet care category in the Netherlands and subsequently helped Purina to minimize risk upon the launch of their shelf test MVP. In sum, we were able to realise the following results: 

  • Identified customer segment(s) and translated their needs into clear customer benefits.
  • Validated solution elements and product claims.
  • Translated customer insights into potential appeal/​intent for upcycling’ dog care propositions.
  • Tested brand fit for the current upcycling proposition.

"‘‘We are discovering new possibilities. We are making nutritional breakthroughs. We are advancing the lives of pets.’’"

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