The future is bright for Urbee with 3 Growth Hacking trainees!

Urbee is a shared e‑bike network with stations throughout Amsterdam.
Their aim? A more sustainable city with less CO2 emissions.
With 3 current Growth Hacking trainees on their team, Urbee are ready to grow their company to the next level! 

The main aim for us at Urbee is to try and grow our company, in a different way, with different talent. We are looking for people who can think out of the box and help us to grow the awareness of Urbee. There is a strong focus on awareness in Amsterdam, however, with the help of our Growth Hacking trainees, we are also able to focus on cities all over the Netherlands.

Asides from raising awareness, our trainees were also able to identify new growth opportunities for Urbee. They evaluated our current business model, and with their knowledge and skills identified new focus areas for the company too. The trainees all work on different projects but come together to help each other reach their goals, and share knowledge as they are at different stages of the traineeship. 

Trainees from the Talent Institute are different, they are really focused, and also very dedicated to not only their personal growth but also the growth of Urbee. They are willing to go that extra mile.”

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