What can you expect from a Growth Hacking trainee?

One of the biggest challenges for start-ups & scale-up companies is scalability. To scale, you need the right people who fit into the culture of your team and are willing to go the extra mile to make shit happen. 

After hearing from an enthused friend about the Growth Hacking traineeship, Manus & the team at Spielwork decided to join the traineeship.
They, like many companies, are on the hunt for ambitious, creative & smart young talent to join their team.
Carry on reading below to hear how they experienced having a Growth Hacking trainee in their team.

Having 2 trainees join our team provided us with a lot of insights and also helped us to implement a valuable thought methodology; The Growth Hacking methodology. We are continuously experimenting in different ways to grow our business, for example by testing various lead magnets to generate new leads for our sales team or optimizing our webpages for conversion. The whole methodology behind Growth Hacking helps us to run these experiments efficiently. In addition, we need Growth Hackers to experiment with new acquisition channels and creatives to make sure we are looking in the right place with the right tools. As a start-up we have limited resources so it’s important for us to focus on solving the main problems to make sure we grow beyond the start-up phase.

The benefit of participating in the Growth Hacking Traineeship is that the trainees have lots of motivation, countless new ideas and genuinely want to make a difference at your company. The first month they have intensive training sessions to get them up to speed and they can implement their new learnings immediately while working at your company. In addition, throughout the duration of the traineeship, they receive lots of 1 – 1 guidance from The Talent Institute to discuss particular cases from the company they work for. 

A tip for other companies who are thinking about joining TTI, be critical during The Matching Event. All trainees are enthusiastic and motivated but it’s important that you really know what your company needs, both in terms of skills and cultural fit. Make sure you manage the expectations towards the potential trainees and be honest about the actual work they are going to do when working for your company.”

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