Setting up a corporate-startup for growth with our Growth Hacker

Who are we talking

For this project we worked for De firma kaas’. A corporate startup, created by FrieslandCampina. De Firma Kaas delivers fresh farmer cheese right at your doorstep with a subscription model. 

🤔 The Challenge

The goal for de firma kaas was to become a corporate spin-out. To do so they needed scalable online acquisition funnels to accompany the existing offline funnels. Besides this, retention needed to be boosted and processes needed to be automated and optimized for scaling.

💡 Our Solution

One Digital Innovator, in the role as Growth Hacker, started out with mapping the current Pirate funnel and pinpointing important touch points in the customer journey. This gave directions for different types of online and offline experiments that had to be conducted. Examples of experiments were reactivating sleepy’ accounts and customer satisfaction and exit surveys/​interviews resulting in valuable customer feedback. 

After two weeks another Digital Innovator joined to focus on online growth. To test possible new hybrid funnels, we partnered up with HelloFresh and ran two acquisition campaigns. After launching ads and landing pages and implementing discount codes our campaign resulted in 100 initial sign ups and +/- 40 new clients. 

Overall, this resulted in an adjusted value proposition, a growing customer base as well as simplified customer flows. The new back and front-end enabled the team to set up marketing automation tools and gave real time insights into customer data, becoming the foundation for running weekly experiments on acquisition and retention in the future.

🚀 The Results

  • Build and merge a strong back-and front end 
  • Foundation for marketing automation tool and flow
  • Validated customer journey
  • Reduced average monthly churn < 15%
  • 20% member growth

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