Transforming into a fast paced experiment-driven organisation.

When the Rijksmuseum joined the Growth Hacking traineeship they were aware of Growth Hacking and the potential benefits it could bring, however, now more than 1 year on they are still very happy with the results & impact their new digital Marketeer, Sanne de Jong is making. 

Continue reading to hear how Sanne is still really adding value & shaping the future culture of the Rijksmuseum.

Linda, What was your companies biggest challenge when Sanne joined your team?
Our biggest challenge was to implement our results after testing and to get the rest of the organisation on board. Sanne really helps with this as she regularly gives presentations about test & campaign results, whilst sharing her insights to other colleagues so everyone can understand results and why implementing them is either important or not in some cases. 

What did you achieve throughout the traineeship?
Besides being able to analyse our data, and make informed decisions, Sanne has been and still is of huge value to the organisation: her google analytics skills, combining those insights with other data sets. We learned that the processes and ways of working in our organisation are sometimes still too complex and too rigid to enable true growth hacks however we are gradually transforming into a more experiment-driven organisation, validating assumptions and fact-based decision making. So Growth Hacking is still very much possible! 

In your opinion, how is a trainee from The Talent Institute different?
The eagerness to learn, the can-do mentality and the ability to solve complex brain crackers!
The in-depth of knowledge Sanne brings to the table really distinguishes the TTI traineeship from regular traineeships.

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