Putting our digital skills into practice for VvAA.

The Client

VvAA is an association and insurance company for medics and medical students in The Netherlands.

The Challenge

VvAA is obliged to check, once a year, whether the situation of her clients still fits with their current portfolio of insurance products. VvAA wants to test and build a new innovative and efficient model to fulfill this duty of care. In this project, we experimented with a first pool of 6000 members.

Our Solution

We have entered into a partnership with VvAA where our Digital Innovators have started working on their challenge. 

Our Digital Innovators focused on developing new customer journeys and relevant touchpoints for every different member segment. We made a service blueprint and stated hypotheses for our experiments to solve the problems that we deduced in our research phase. Ultimately, we iteratively designed, crafted, and developed experiments to test our ideas and potential solutions into something tangible.

Through six months of experimenting and iterating the customer journey, we validated a solution that fits the needs of VvAA’s clients.

The Results

● Implemented a structured workflow and way of working with all parties involved

● Laid the foundation to experiment and execute at a rapid pace 

● One validated solution that fits the needs of VvAA’s clients

● A roadmap for further tailoring each customer journey to a specific client segment

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