Providing a corporate startup of ING with an Experiment Designer and UX Designer

Who are we talking

ING is one of the major banks in The Netherlands, operating with offices worldwide. Its primary businesses are banking, asset management and insurance services. ING is a frontrunner in innovation and ranks among the top ten largest European companies by revenue.

🤔 The Challenge

For the launch of a new app, ING was in need of an Experiment Designer and UX Designer. To determine the key features and the most optimal flow for the app, our Digital Innovators came to the rescue and helped with the launch.

💡 Our Solution

Our experts focused on finding out which features the app should have in order for users to keep coming back for a longer period of time, and make sure they didn’t quit after initial use. To do so, our Digital Innovators held interviews with users and tested multiple prototypes. After they discovered that users were interested in gamification and social elements, our experts specified which gamification and social elements should be implemented in the app.

🚀 The Results

  • Determined the key features for the app upon launch to create platform retention
  • Created a retention framework with stages of retention and feature categories
  • Created clickable mockups
  • Discovered features that need to be implemented based on user feedback
  • Test-plan per assumption in order to guarantee continuity for our client
  • Delivered a new potential target audience
  • Created insights into the most important triggers for using the app
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