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Parkmobile joined our Growth Hacking traineeship to tackle one of their biggest challenges. We spoke with Loes Meys — Manager Marketing Operations Europe at Parkmobile — to hear more about this challenge and why Loes thinks a trainee from TTI is of added value to any company.

Like many companies, connecting the right talent to the right role was a challenge for Parkmobile. The Growth Hacking traineeship from TTI closes the gap between talents getting experience and companies searching for the right person for the job. If you have a new assignment coming up, there is always a new generation of eager trainees ready to help you out. They are educated with the latest marketing trends by TTI and at the same time learn on the job. By meeting all possible trainees during the speed date, we made sure that there’s a great fit between talent and team. ”

What are the biggest challenges start-ups and scale-ups face when trying to grow their business?
With the ambitious growth of both start-ups as well as scale-ups, it is essential to get the right person in at the right time. The hiring process can take up a lot of time. Traineeships from The Talent Institute offer a great pool of talents to start at the moment you need them. You immediately have the talent and based on the experience and what the company needs to further grow, you can decide if you want to adopt the talent into the company after the traineeship or go each your own way.
Last but not least: The Growth Hacking mentality is something any marketeer should develop, it helps keep the right mindset within your company and keeps you moving forward.”

Just give the traineeship a try. That’s the only way you find out if a TTI trainee fits well within your company.

Why do you think a trainee from TTI adds value to your company?
Trainees are young, talented and eager to start working. They have an open mind and look at your marketing efforts from a new perspective. They show us new opportunities which can have an immediate impact on our business. Trainees also approach things differently: they are more inclined to ask critical questions and give their honest opinion.”

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