Accelerating a corporate start-up

Our Digital Innovators work in various industries and organizations. During one of our innovation projects, we worked within an innovation team of one of the biggest Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies in the Netherlands for six months. This team was working on a new proposition called Melt’.

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The challenge

The team had just finished a 13-week accelerator program, out of which a new low-calorie ice proposition was created: Melt’. The Melt-team was struggling with using the right structure, processes and the right data needed to grow the proposition.

Our approach

We started out with setting up the AARRR funnel in which we pinpointed the one metric that matters per part of the framework. This enabled the team to see changes in key metrics per week which gave direction to the type of experiments that had to be conducted. Next to that, we implemented a rhythm in meetings with fixed content: a growth meeting at the beginning of the week and an accountability meeting at the end of the week. This ensured that everybody on the team had a clear vision of what responsibilities they had with which purpose. 

We also conducted brainstorm sessions with the team to revise the business model canvas and the value proposition canvas to see if it was still up to date. This resulted in new risky assumptions that needed to be tested. Also, we helped set up the customer journey to be able to pinpoint more easily where experiments could improve customer’ experience. Examples of experiments we conducted were tests with different points of sale, and testing different assumptions with ads, emails and landing pages.

Other tasks we completed during our work with the Melt team were setting up and analyzing marketing campaigns, setting up and analyzing on- and offline experiments and setting up a marketing automation tool and flow. This overall resulted in higher User Click-Through Rates, qualitative customer feedback and simplified communication processes.

The results

  • Implemented a structured workflow for realizing growth
  • Trained the Melt team to work via the lean startup principles
  • Set up of the customer journey to give more insights into the points of improvement and conducted multiple experiments to realise these improvements
  • Higher user click-through rates and loads of qualitative customer feedback
  • Implemented a marketing automation tool to simplify the overall communication processes
  • Revised Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas which resulted in new prioritization of risky assumptions to validate

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