Gaining a demographic and psychological understanding of customer groups

Our Digital Innovators work in various industries and organisations. During one of our innovation projects, we completed a customer discovery project for KRO-NCRV, a public broadcasting company in the Netherlands. KRO-NCRV’s innovation department wanted to gain a deeper understanding of two of their customer groups.

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The Challenge

The two customer groups that KRO-NCRV wanted to target were identified based on their personal values, norms, and beliefs regarding the topics sustainability, society and purpose. As a result, these groups consisted out of people with very diverse characteristics, making it difficult to reach these target groups in an efficient manner (inter alia via which channel, with which message etc).

Our approach

We organised two sprints in which we explored the two identified customer groups via both qualitative and quantitative experiments. The goal of these sprints was to get a deep demographic and psychological understanding of the two target groups. This understanding, in turn, led to two comprehensive personas with actionable insights and learnings that KRO-NCRV could use to develop relevant content for both personas.

We started with a large amount of qualitative, offline interviews to create a deep demographic and psychological understanding of the two given target audiences. The interviews revolved around three key topics: sustainability, society and purpose. We structured the insights by mapping them in three categories: our persona’s worries, wishes and needs related to these three key topics.

Next, we validated the insights and learnings on a larger scale through experiments via social media advertisements aimed at the two identified personas. After assumption mapping, experiment backlogging and experiment design, we started the execution phase by creating and executing experiments via Facebook, tracking data and reporting on the results. By working closely together with the KRO-NCRV innovation team, we made sure to transfer our way of working and knowledge to guarantee continuity in the long term.

The results

  • Two clearly defined and comprehensive personas with actionable and validated insights that KRO-NCRV can use to develop relevant content.
  • Combined offline and online validation to ensure validated personas.
  • Transferred our knowledge and way of working to KRO-NCRV’s innovation team.

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