Helping Transavia validate new business opportunities with our short-term Service Designer

The Client

Transavia is a Dutch airline part of Air France-KLM. In order to stay ahead of competition, Transavia wants to unlock new revenue streams by launching new services that are directly related to their core business. To do so, Transavia started a discovery trajectory with the goal to discover and validate new business propositions.

The Challenge

Transavia did not have the expertise nor the manpower to run this project on their own. Transavia asked if we could provide them with a skilled innovation professional to help them discover and validate new business opportunities.

Innovation Lead, Transavia

"With the help of the Digital Innovator we were able to move at a very fast pace!"

Our Solution

One of our Digital Innovators joined Transavia’s team for 3 months in the role of ‘‘Service Designer’’. Within this 3 month period our Digital Innovator implemented a structured discovery process and executed multiple experiments to help Transavia validate different business opportunities. Our added value was not to tell them what to do, but work alongside Transavia’s Innovation Team and execute quickly.

The Results

  • 4 new validated business propositions
  • 40 qualitative interviews & six quantitative surveys conducted on a large scale
  • A tested MVP for 2 out of 4 propositions
  • A roadmap for further testing
  • Defined next steps for each proposition
  • A happy client & a happy Digital Innovator.
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