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Dutch fashion house Oilily has been a hallmark of creativity in the cupboard of children and women since 1963. Virtuoso combinations of colour, mixes of cultural influences, humoristic details, unexpected combinations of materials and a certified high quality has brought Oilily a large number of fans and faithful customers.

Being familiar with Growth Hacking, and it’s basic principles, Oilily joined the Growth Hacking traineeship for a second time with the goal of speeding up the progress of their new webshop. We spoke with Peter Sorber, to hear his personal experience. 

Why did you decide to join the traineeship the first time around?
We decided to join the traineeship as I love to work with eager people that also understand the basic principles of e‑commerce, but who can look at things from a different perspective and see new challenges and solutions. Their enthusiasm and desire to make an impact changed the pace within our entire company.

In terms of results, what did your Growth Hackers achieve over the course of the 6‑months?
We had two trainees Rochelle and Lili. They had both their own individual assignments, but together they worked on a lot of extra projects. Rochelle implemented a whole new emailing system including automatic email flows and personalised follow-ups. This resulted in a 70% increase in our sales turnover from emails.

Lili was able to hack the template of our webshop which saved us a lot of time and external development costs and we resulted in the fact that we could start earlier with the sale of articles that were not yet in stock. The resulted in more happy customers and a better sell-through rate.

An unexpected side project was to take our annual sample sale online; It was not possible to do it the regular’ way due to the restrictions from the Coronavirus. Rochelle and Lili quickly adapted the event and changed it from an offline to an online sale. In the end, It was a huge success. This was completed alongside their assignment of launching our Korean webshop, and a B2B webshop — both of which are ready to go live!

Besides digital skills, did your Growth Hackers bring anything else to your company?
With their personal approach, enthusiasm & action-oriented focus they were able to move a lot faster and get things done that had been our agenda for a while. There focus and determination are infectious in the team; they are so motivated to work on their own growth so it gives me a lot of satisfaction and energy to guide and help them to achieve their goals.

The Talent Institute makes it possible for smaller companies to have access to talented trainees and to reap the benefits of a trainee program normally only achievable for the large corporates.

How did your company adapt in response to COVID-19 regulations?
Understanding that staying home while trying to work and with little children can be a challenge so we developed a Stay at Home Activity email cycle, with each week a free downloadable book. This included books like An Oilily Dollhouse Activity book, Oilily Colourbook, Friendship Book etc. It was such a success that it even resulted in a printed 50 pages Oilily activity Book that was our best-sold item during the Corona period.

Also being not able to have our physical Sample Sale we quickly organized it online. This meant shooting all the unique items, labelling, describing and pricing them. We set up an email funnel & also started doing our own picking, packing and shipping. This meant a lot of organizing as most people were working from home but the project itself was very successful and highlighted the adaptability within the company. On top of that, it gave everyone a lot of positive energy during the uncertain times we were all experiencing.

A Growth Hacker can help your company adapt, and adjust whilst still maintaining a focus on your long term growth.

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