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Contributing to a better world through Growth Hacking

Buzz Women is a not-for-profit organization based in Bengaluru, India that provides financial, management and entrepreneurial skills to rural women from economically challenged backgrounds. Their mobile academy buses reach remote villages to train women in finance, entrepreneurship & personal development. They have currently trained & empowered over 220,000 women. The value they deliver to these economically challenged women is so high, and it spreads a breath of positive air over the communities who need it most. 

They recently decided to establish a foundation in The Netherlands to financially support the operations in India and The Gambia, and this is when they joined the Growth Hacking traineeship. They needed to raise awareness of the great work they were doing. They wanted to reach a wider audience of corporate sponsors and other foundations and look for potential partnerships. This is when they decided to find someone for the team who had the right knowledge on how to get this going without having to involve more expensive third-party marketing firms.

What was Buzz Women’s biggest challenge when joining the Growth Hacking traineeship?

Buzz’s headquarters are based in India and up until 2018, Buzz Women Netherlands worked with a team of volunteers. Keeping the ambition of reaching 10 million women by 2030 in mind, Stichting Buzz Nederland decided to establish a team of professionals in 2019. The biggest question we had was: how do we ensure the growth of the foundation is fostered on a daily basis and how do we make sure we build a professional organization that can handle the growth. 

We started to look at our online efforts as something that could actually help us in growing our funds and growing a community, instead of as something that only consumed a lot of time and didn’t yield a lot of results. In a non-profit organisation, you also get the full growth hacking experience as you’re put into a situation where you need to work without money, traffic or data. It takes courage and creativity from both sides to make it work, but when it does it is an amazing match!

In terms of results, what did you achieve throughout the duration of the 6‑month traineeship?
We were able to create a brand plan and set out a marketing strategy that would ensure consistent communication and valuable content was being published. We have built a new website from scratch without having to involve any third-party agency and we’re now able to manage the website completely by ourselves. This saves us a lot of money and is a necessity as a non-profit. We looked at how we can automate parts of the customer journey to help us work more efficiently. This includes automated emails, accepting online donations and starting to use a CRM platform. With our global brand story defined, we do (almost) weekly calls, co-create content calendars, divide tasks and have more time to support each other where needed. We’re currently looking into tools that will help us even more in working efficiently together whilst being on the other side of the world. All of this also contributes to the bigger goal of creating more alignment between the 3 geographical locations where Buzz Women is active.

How will Growth Hacking impact your business in the future?
Our new website will be live within a few weeks and from there on we will start with data tracking and looking into the possibilities of paid advertisement. This will help us drive traffic to our website, start analysing visitors behaviour and really understand who our target audience is and how we can be of more value to them.
Secondly more than ever now the work environment is changing rapidly and this asks for quick fixes and a flexible attitude. I think a Growth Hacker has a great understanding of this and also has the skills to keep searching for opportunities to reach more people, to fine-tune our brand story, be transparent and understand why people want to support our organization. This I think, is very important for growing our donor list and continuing to be of great value for these donors by finding creative ways of keeping them engaged.

As a Growth Hacker at a non-profit organization who gives women in rural areas in India and The Gambia the opportunity to develop to their full potential, I’m able to shine a light on a very important social issue. I’m proud that I can use my talents to support the important work the organization is doing and give others the chance to learn.
It made me realise that contributing to a better world can be done in many different forms and growth hacking is definitely one of them. 

If you want to know more about this amazing organization I’ve been talking about, visit us at www​.buzz​women​.org & say hello. 

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