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Sjauf has developed the first driver app where you can book a driver for your own car. The app is designed to match you with a driver in minutes. Simply enter your address and desired departure time, and immediately receive a fare quote in the app. With one push of a button, you can book your ride.

Sjauf Technologies hired a Growth Hacker to help them to accelerate their growth. They wanted to dive deeper into their AAARRR funnel and optimise all stages, whilst making sure they were targeting the right audience for their service.

What is the main reason you decided to join the Growth Hacking Traineeship?
It’s my belief that young, promising and ambitious employees can be a true asset for the company. We needed an online marketer, and we thought our product is ideal to carry out some experiments to determine the optimal growth strategy. However, the main reason for us to join the Growth Hacking Traineeship was the opportunity to hire someone new, young, and talented. Someone with an open mind, who is not afraid to think outside the box. 

Growth Hacking will certainly play an increasingly important role in the growth of our company.

What was your biggest challenge when the trainee joined your team?
When he joined us, our biggest challenge was to streamline the way our customers find us and to persuade them to become active users and true ambassadors for our service. To achieve this, the funnel from awareness to revenue needed to be researched and improved.

Was your trainee able to identify new focus areas within your existing business model which you may have overlooked before?
Our trainee was certainly able to identify new focus areas that we had not yet reviewed. The first few weeks, our trainee started carrying out several experiments to determine different types of personas and found out that we were missing opportunities when it came to undefined personas. With this knowledge in hand, he carried out some experiments to make sure we became top-of-mind to maximise our output.

From your perspective, what makes a Growth Hacker from The Talent Institute different?
The great thing about The Talent Institute is the first month of training the trainees have to complete. During this training, they focus mostly on personal skills. This creates enthusiasm, which is a feature you definitely want from a trainee. In combination with the right set of digital skills and personal skills, the trainee is a perfect fit for any start-up.

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