From Discovery to Growth: our experts helped build Powerly by NN

Who are we talking

Nationale Nederlanden (NN) is one of the largest insurance and asset companies in The Netherlands. NN believes that the current way of insurance is finite in the long term. That is why they want to innovate in the field of sustainable living through a platform strategy. Many people want to make their homes more sustainable, but ultimately do not take action. 

🤔 The Challenge

And this is how Powerly was born, a platform that connects consumers with suppliers of sustainability solutions. The key was to find out what problems people were facing and how the platform could solve these problems. After validating the platform NN wanted to grow the proposition and prepare it for scaling. NN just needed a little hand with these challenges…

💡 Our Solution

Three of our Digital Innovators, with the right tools and mindset, came to the rescue. Being fully immersed in the Powerly team, they were able to help the platform grow rapidly within several months. From launching the first low fidelity MVP to validating the business model, and from testing out of the box marketing channels to back-end automation: our Digital Innovators took care of it all. 

🚀 The Results

  • Validated that the problem sustainable measures are too expensive’ exists at scale
  • Combined offline and online validation to ensure validated personas
  • MVP with a validated business model
  • An optimized marketing funnel with lower cost per acquisition, continuous quantitative customer insights and validated marketing channels and campaigns
  • Defined a sales strategy with sales templates
  • Implemented CRM system with automations
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