Strategies & Solutions in the highly competitive energy market.

The energy market is a highly competitive, price-driven market. Therefore, we always need to create new strategies and solutions in order to meet our company growth goals. That’s why we joined The Talent Institute’s Growth Hacking program.

We were looking for a junior Growth Hacker who would not only fit well within our existing growth marketing team but also could use their newly acquired skills to find new innovative ways to contribute towards successfully meeting our growth goals.

Unfortunately, a lot of junior and even medior Growth Hackers lack practical skills and knowledge. TTI teaches a broad sense of Growth Hacking, which enables trainees to quickly become a valuable team member without too much time-consuming onboarding.”

I would not hesitate in recommending working with TTI to find your very own Growth Hacker. Our trainee really provided new insights and tools to our team in order for our company to grow!

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