Achieving double digit growth month after month with the help of our Growth Hacking trainee.

In August 2017, Martijn van Rooy founded Parfumado to shake up the perfume market. His innovative business offers monthly subscriptions: every month clients get to try a new fragrance. Most consumers go for well-known brands. They hardly try anything new”, says Martijn, That’s how I came up with my idea for a perfume subscription.” 

This young entrepreneur, who is not even 30 years old yet, started working on the concept in 2017. It’s his mission to familiarise consumers with the world of perfumes in a fun way, without alienating the big brands. Parfumado offers more than 350 different perfumes for a monthly fee of only €14,95.

Parfumado grew fast in the first years but Martijn’s ambitions didn’t stop there. He has bigger dreams: he wants to grow to 60.000 subscriptions throughout Europe by 2020. He believes millennials are open to being inspired online. With the data Parfumado collects from their subscribers, they are able to advise clients better. All Parfumado needs is some Growth Hacking to find potential subscribers. 

The company was already familiar with Growth Hacking, but as a startup, they were in need of affordable junior, yet talented and ambitious marketers. This is where The Talent Institute came in. We asked Martijn how he experienced working with a Growth Hacker trainee from TTI and what they achieved together.

Martijn, what was your company’s challenge and was your Growth Hacking trainee able to beat this challenge?
We had two goals: optimising website conversion and driving growth through paid channels.
As a fast-growing startup, we had limited available knowledge on driving growth through paid and non-paid channels. Our trainee was ambitious and willing to help us with hands-on stuff. 

During his 5‑months traineeship, he helped us to achieve double digits growth month-over-month, increase website conversion rates, optimise ad performances and create killer email flow campaigns. So, yes, we were certainly able to beat these challenges with his help.

What do you think are key elements for future proofing your company’s growth?
Growth Hacking is unmistakably an important element of our overall growth strategy. Of course, we will focus on subscriber growth and revenue growth but also on Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) extension, churn reduction. Growth Hacking plays a role in all of these targets.

Besides the hard skills, what did the trainee add to your team?
His spirit and enthusiasm brought the right vibes and contributed to a positive growth culture throughout the entire team!

What makes a trainee from TTI unique to other hires?
Trainees from The Talent Institute have been taught a specific mindset that is hard to find via the more regular educational institutions. 

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