Determining the key features for a new app upon launch

Our Digital Innovators work in various industries and organisations. During one of our innovation projects, we helped ING Bank in Bucharest to determine the key features of a new app they were about to launch.

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The challenge

For ING Romania we had to validate the key features for a new app. The main question was how to set up the app in a way, and especially with what features, that users continued to use the app over a longer period of time and didn’t quit after initial use.

Our approach

In 4 weeks our Digital Innovator determined via quantitative and qualitative experiments what the key features for the app needed to be upon launch. As a starting point, 6 possible focus areas were already determined that could possibly generate continuous use of the app. Our job was to figure out, which of those elements, and in what combination, would optimize initial and further use. 

In the first week, we started out with conducting interviews on the streets of Bucharest, to get a grasp of possible retention hooks’. What elements did people like and dislike in similar apps and why? The second week we focused on the insights of the first week and conducted more interviews to gain further insight into actual behaviour with regards to those outcomes. The week after, we created mock-ups in which we implemented actual features based on our user output of the previous weeks. And, with those, we conducted some user tests. Did people understand the app and did they like what they saw? And if so or not, why (not)? Based on the output of these user tests, we could further optimize and finalize the mock-ups. In the fourth and last week, we conducted a survey on a large scale to substantialize the qualitative insights with quantitative results.

Next to the determination of the features, our Digital Innovator also created a retention framework, where all of the test results were brought together in one overview, so it also became visually clear how all the insights related. At the end of the 4‑week period, our Young Digital Innovator had created a starting point for ING for working towards launch with a clear focus and recommendations for further testing possibilities after launch. 

The results

  • Conducted 3 qualitative and 1 quantitative experiments in 4 weeks and based on that determined key features for the app upon launch. 
  • Created a retention framework with stages of retention and feature categories.
  • Setting up clickable mock-ups as reference for the development team with visible features that needed to be implemented based on user input.
  • Set up a list of recommendations for further testing (divided into short- and long term)

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