Staying ahead of the game with a Growth Hacking trainee.

We’re bunq, Bank of the Free. We launched the first Dutch mobile-only bank in order to break free from the status quo. Together with an international (33 nationalities and counting!) team of dedicated bunqers, we’re here to create the bank with you in mind. As a scale-up, we’ve got a relatively small marketing team where people without a proven track record get a lot of responsibility from day one. This means we treat trainees like employees — we expect them to get shit done. We found that the trainees from TTI perfectly match this requirement since they’re both book-wise and street-wise.”, says Hannah van Drunen, Head of HR at bunq.

The Talent Institute enables trainees to familiarise themselves with the latest technologies and trends in Growth Hacking. With this knowledge, they are able to able to run short experiments, define lessons learned and improve along the way to get the best result. As an employer, we provide them with the guidance they need in order to get it done.”, Hannah explains.

When bunq joined the Growth Hacking traineeship of The Talent Institute they were familiar with the concept and programs being offered. However, they weren’t fully aware of the impact until after they joined.
We asked Hannah how she experienced working with a Growth Hacking trainee from The Talent Institute and what they achieved together.

Hannah, what did the trainee add to your team?
Our trainee was eager to learn and filled to the brim with enthusiasm. He was a great cultural fit, which is essential for us. Sticking to a strict recruitment process is important to find the best fit for both parties. We chose our trainee during a speed date with 25 TTI trainees. Since we knew the trainees had a solid background in Marketing, we could really focus on choosing someone who was the best fit for the team.

How do you think Growth Hacking will impact your business in the future?
Growth Hacking is not a magic solution for growth, but it is a mindset. It’s the eagerness to stay up to date with the latest technologies, using data to make decisions and running short experiments to improve along the way. We’re happy our TTI trainee joined us after his traineeship!

From your perspective, what makes a trainee from The Talent Institute unique compared to other hires?
The fact they know the marketing essentials, in combination with the eagerness to get their hands dirty. I believe trainees from TTI are an important talent pool for all organisations who grow fast and want to be ahead with their marketing team and efforts.

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