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Branding & Growth Hacking combined, creating real results

VIM Group helps organisations analyse, organise and implement brand change and improve their brand performance. From a Dutch start-up, they have grown into a globally recognised authority in brand management and rebranding. In the last 25 years, VIM Group has supported over 2,000 organisations across the globe. 

VIM Group joined the Growth Hacking traineeship to add some new skills to their B2B Marketing Communications team. Their biggest challenge was to generate more relevant sales leads online. With a lot of power behind them on the creative side of marketing, they realised they needed to add someone with a more data-driven approach in order to create that winning team.

Was your growth hacking trainee able to identify new growth areas within VIM Group?
Yes, our trainee has created so many opportunities for us to generate new leads. He worked very independently in setting up, testing & optimizing landing pages for content downloads and optimising our current website. He has built a framework of relevant tooling to make our marketing processes run more efficiently and also managed to align both our marketing and sales efforts. I think having a growth hacker has doubled the impact & execution power of our marketing team!

What impact has your trainee made at VIM Group?
Our trainee showed us that to make things happen fast, you have to let go of checking and perfecting every last detail. When we have an idea, right now we first find out if it works and then we can work on optimising the idea as soon as we see it working for our organisation. Our mindset has changed within our marketing department which has resulted in a lot more speed and freedom in creating new things.

It’s interesting to see how Branding and Growth Hacking can support each other. Lots of people think that Growth Hacking can be a threat to long-term brand building and branding is an inhibiting factor for hacking growth. However, we see that it doesn’t have to be. Growth Hacking and branding can go hand in hand. And when they do, the real magic happens. That’s also why we’ve set up a Brand Driven Growth Audit to support companies in the realisation of growth within the framework of your brand.

In terms of results, what did you, together with your trainee achieve over the course of the traineeship?
By optimising our website & adding multiple landing pages and other lead generation tools online we’ve doubled our amount of MQL’s and SQL’s per month. We can also see that our website traffic is growing month on month since we’ve had a growth hacking trainee on board and we are working together on this target. We’ve optimised our website for Google search, Implemented a new email marketing tool and created multiple customer journeys. As well as this, it’s also important for us to be able to show the data; so we’ve also built a new marketing dashboard for tracking and sharing our results with important stakeholders within the organisation.

On top of all of this, we have seen an increase of +75% in the organic traffic on our website & an increase of +46% in our online conversions & leads.

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