The perfect match between talent & company culture.

Boomerang is a new breed agency that’s street-smart and social by nature. They know what people like. How they talk. Why they laugh. How they connect. They can help brands be more human by sparking authentic conversations between companies and people. Creatives, producers, filmmakers, copywriters, sound designers and influencers – all under one roof!

Why did you decide to work with TTI?
We are an advertising agency and work with a number of different clients.
We need scalability, but because every project is different we also need to maintain our personal approach!
You are introduced to a wide variety of hand-picked trainees, all of whom are eager to improve and scale your work processes & implement the latest growth hacks, but for us, more importantly, we were also able to find a match based on our personal company culture — which is a luxury we didn’t experience during the standard recruitment process.”

What was the added value of having a TTI Growth Hacking trainee work at Boomerang?
Most talents excel in just one specific area of expertise, that’s why they have a specific talent however the TTI Growth Hacking trainees have a lot of knowledge on, and a lot of interest in multiple aspects surrounding Growth Hacking. The specific area of expertise within Growth Hacking is also not set and thus provides us, as a company, more options in order to mould our perfect employee as the scope of knowledge is so broad.”

"We needed someone who thinks outside the box and does not simply do what people say, which is not always easy to find!"

Why would you recommend TTI to other companies?
You don’t simply need a Growth Hacker, you need a Growth Hacker that fits within your company and thrives within your company culture. We believe there is no better way than to speed date with 20+ trainees to find that all important perfect cultural fit. Thanks to The Talent Institute’s Growth Hacking traineeship we were able to grow our team in line with the overall growth of the company, and overcome becoming a bottleneck.”

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