Assisting Bundelz to scale with a little help from our Growth Marketer

Who are we talking

Bundelz is a corporate start-up by Nationale Nederlanden, one of the largest insurance companies in The Netherlands. With Bundelz they want to disrupt the car insurance market by offering a pay-per-use model.

🤔 The Challenge

Our client was struggling with scaling up a pay-per-use car insurance proposition that allows you to save money on your premium if you drive every now and then. They had various challenges regarding the acquisition and activation of defined customer segments. 

For the future growth and relevance of Bundelz, it was important to optimize current acquisition channels and tap into new ones.

💡 Our Solution

Our Digital Innovator joined the Bundelz team for a period of nine months. After scoping the project, we set up a structured plan to tackle the acquisition and activation challenges. The goal was to implement a validated strategy to grow in a repeatable and scalable manner. After collecting qualitative and quantitative data, the data was combined to improve the current personas and run experiments to test risky assumptions regarding channels and messaging. After setting up the customer journey and testing messaging, our Digital Innovator implemented an online strategy to improve the website funnel and conversion rate. With an impressive increase of the website conversion rate (400%!), our growth hacker could be proud of his contribution.

🚀 The Results

  • Realised >300% growth in total customer base
  • Increased website conversion rate with 400%
  • Tripled number of new customers per week
  • Doubled the visitor-to-lead rate
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