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At ShirtbyHand they challenge traditional fashion principles & set new standards in the menswear world. They seamlessly merge style and convenience with their tailor-made shirt service.

After joining the Growth Hacking traineeship 3 times already, they knew what to expect when they hired not one, but two Growth Hackers from the latest traineeship so we decided to catch up with Dennis Vollebregt, Head of Growth at ShirtbyHand. 

Dennis joined the Growth Hacking traineeship himself in back in May 2018 & since then has progressed and came a long way; he now leads the Growth team consisting of 3 other Growth Hackers from The Talent Institute. 

How does having a trainee on the team impact the execution power within ShirtbyHand?
Tremendous! You see that when you have a growth team of just one person, the execution power is just too low despite all the ideas. Now with 4 of us, we’re on the brink of a real agile growth-minded company. We can really implement and move forward. The Growth Hackers also do an amazing job in educating the rest of the company in their mindset & way of approaching decisions.
With this new mindset, we increased efficiency throughout the entire company. We gained a lot of insights based on customer feedback, instead of assumptions. We improved tracking, built a total new backend, and dug through our old email marketing to replace it with a new, up to date version.

Did your Growth Hackers identify new focus areas within your existing business model that you may have overlooked before?
For us, we definitely overlooked the power of our own website. You as a company, are almost bored’ of your own website, therefore, you don’t see it clearly anymore. Having a trainee is so valuable for shining a new light to your own website. For us, it produced some very good, and even some more urgent insights that we wanted to fix immediately. This was sometimes painful for me as I wasn’t even seeing these things anymore. It really helps to have a fresh set of eyes.

How do you think Growth Hacking will impact your business in the future?
We’re now with 4 growth hackers on the team & we do nothing else other than base all our decisions on data! Growth Hacking will play a huge role in our company. We’re not afraid to kill newly implemented features and continue experimenting with others to try and find that sweet spot. That’s how you grow and adjust to become a future-proof sustainable business
I’m very confident our company can adjust and accelerate in this industry and be the leading factor when it comes down to technical and fashion through Growth Hacking.

What makes a Growth Hacker from The Talent Institute unique?
The ability to learn quickly and act fast defines a Growth Hacker. The Talent Institute provides trainees with a broad and diverse set of skills which enables them to serve any company in any industry.

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