My roadmap to Growth Hacking success!

Without me having seen it at that moment, the choice for my minor (Online Management) has brought me to where I am now. That was the moment where I discovered my passion for Digital Marketing. During my minor, I came into contact with customer journeys, user experience, A/B testing, conversion optimization. I’ve put this newly acquired knowledge into practice for Buddha Ibiza – a fashion accessories webshop. I have optimized this website, with the aim of increasing the conversion on the website. The conversion rate has risen with more than 0.5% in only six months.

I am very performance-oriented and it gave me a huge boost to see these results. Since I have an ongoing desire to develop myself, I decided that I wanted to develop myself further in this field.

That is why after my minor I started looking for a suitable internship company where I could do this. This became Hostnet — one of the larger hosting providers in the Netherlands. Here I focused completely on User Experience Research. I have mapped the customer journey of Hostnet’s technical buyer persona during my internship.

After completing my internship at Hostnet, I also did my graduation research at this company. In my graduation assignment, I gave Hostnet advice on how the technical target group could be approached in a more appropriate way. This advice was partly based on the research and the accompanying results that I carried out during my previous internship.

After successfully completing my graduation assignment, Hostnet asked me to join the company as a Junior Communication Worker within the Acquisition Team. My work covered all communications related to e‑mail marketing, CPC pages, product-oriented landing pages, product news, Google Ads and SEO.

I can really say that I had the best time at this company. Not only because I learned a lot, but also because of the fun with colleagues.

However, I was triggered by a Facebook ad that constantly appeared on my wall — targeting done right by Tom!

This was an ad from The Talent Institute, where they called to sign up for their Growth Hacking traineeship. I must confess that at that moment I also had no idea what this term meant.
To clarify immediately, the definition of Growth Hacking is as follows:

A process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business”

When I finally clicked on the ad and read all the information, I immediately knew that Growth Hacking summarized all my enthusiasm about Digital Marketing. I, therefore, decided to apply for the traineeship. I am still glad that I took this step.

Currently, I’m able to put the skills, tools and mindset that I am taught to become a full-stack Growth Hacker immediately into practice. That’s because I now work as a Trainee Growth Hacker at Arvin Goods. Arvin Goods are sustainably made apparel basic uniting modern versatility with timeless style. Engineered to do good for the people and the planet.
Besides that Arvin Goods is just a cool brand with good designs – I mean Macklemore is also a fan — I do also support the sustainable way of producing. Every Arvin basic is made from 100% donated / upcycled materials with minimal water used while eliminating waste and toxic dyes.

Arvin says: We’ve started small: socks and underwear. But we’ve got big plans to develop the most sustainable and complete line of apparel and accessories ever made”.
I am proud that I can contribute to this growth.

My colleagues are American and Canadian, so we are dealing with 9 hours of time difference. That means when the Dutch working day is almost over, my colleagues just wake up. Fortunately, we all work very flexibly, so we can anticipate this well.

I like Growth Hacking so much, that I also enjoy doing it in my free’ hours. I still work for Buddha Ibiza — and I also love to test and apply my newly acquired Growth Hacking skills and tools over there. Because of this I often make long days, but I notice that I really don’t mind at all!

My father once said to me: If your work is your passion, then you will not notice that you’re working’. And that is exactly the situation that I am in now.

So, if you still have doubts in taking the next step to sign up for the Growth Hacking traineeship of The Talent Institute, then I can only recommend you to just do it!

Guest blog by Stefanie Bril
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