Life at The Talent Institute

Imagine yourself lying on a hot, sunny beach with a cool, refreshing drink

Have you ever had that feeling, that feeling where you really needed to take a break from work? Just get out of there and relax for a few days? This was one of those weeks where I had plenty of opportunities to do just that, it was a short work week!

Although the opportunity was there, it was at the least welcome time. My prototype of the affiliate campaign testing tool was ready and I needed all the time I could get my hands on to improve it and get it ready for the market. It was still in its early alpha phase, it needed to be tested!

There’s this saying:

Learn fast, fail small, fail cheaply.

Exactly that was my intention. This whole week was all about interviews, questions, usability tests and talking to people! Luckily this is one of my strong suits. I might not be the most talkative person but I can let people talk (a lot), steer the conversation, and listen well.

One trick I’ve learned From Anoushka Scholten was: if you want to test on user experience and how people engage and use your product: put them in a usability test, give them a task and see what happens. So that’s what I did, all of the three days I had this week.

The tough part wasn’t doing the actual interviews though since we were in such a niche market it was hard to find people who really wanted to see the product work. The so-called early adopters’. Luckily the company I work in has a great network of people interested in making the mobile affiliate market a better market than it is now. They also helped us to look for the right questions in order to get the right answers.

After three days packed full of interviews and usability tests, it was time for the Deep Dives. It was time for Mike van Hoenselaar to return to the cave of learnings we call The Talent Institute. He came prepared with his skillset at the ready, his gun loaded with tag bullets aimed at our brain. It was time to tag the brain of the clueless. It was time for…

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Tag manager the deep dive’…

Well, maybe not so clueless after all since we had an introduction workshop about tag manager and analytics earlier in the growth hack traineeship, but most of the trainees didn’t really have much hands on experience. And boy oh boy, that changed after today.

Mike came in, started his presentation, and said: Ok here are the credentials for my tag manager environment, here are the instructions, and follow me on the big screen while we all do it together. That was just the first part of the deep dive, the second became even more hands-on: Mike gave us an assignment and it was for us to complete it without his initial help. Whenever we really didn’t know the next step, Mike was there to steer us in the right direction, but we needed to try ourselves first.

Wait, I hear a question in the audience; can you repeat that again? What were these assignments about? Well, let me say they were tough. It started easy with getting Google Analytics to work on the website without coding, but soon it got to thing like: make that clickable button an event which could measure the amount of times it has been clicked (and it got even further than that!)

After lunch, it was time to sit back, relax, and guess what: talk. As if I haven’t talked enough haha. But no, this was from a whole different perspective. It was time to talk with the early batch of trainees, the November group. We sat down with them to talk about their experiences, their tips and their stories about how they handle the work in their company. Really useful I must say!

Next Friday we’ll have a deep dive about Marketing Channel Attribution (sounds fancy huh?!) and a Crack the Case about analytics by Dept agency.

That was it for this week! See y’all next time.


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