Developing a co-working Innovation space for The RAI.

As one of the strategic pillars, the RAI not only wanted to start bringing innovation into their own company but also wanted to serve as a facilitator of innovation, uniting different people/​companies and markets to work on innovation together, within the RAI.

From this strategic goal, the idea arose to open up a co-working space within the RAI.
The space would have multiple functions;
1) To serve as a place where people and companies can work together on innovation projects.
2) To function as a media café. A place where media like radio/tv-shows/photo shoots etc could arise to produce media surrounding innovation.

Starting with this idea from scratch, me and Claar van Ittersum, a colleague at the RAI who came up with this idea, together took the lead on starting to create the framework for creating this space. This included a lot of brainstorming, talks with different stakeholders and departments within the RAI, finding the right architects who could help us build this space.
As with all innovation, we worked in a Lean way and launched a pilot. We created, with minimum costs and time, a co-working space where we invited all the RAI employees but also some educational institutes, like event management students who were working on an innovation project.”

This was a highlight for me because it was an opportunity to take an idea and actually build it into something real! It was pretty entrepreneurial but next to that I liked it because I truly believed in the concept of creating such a space for people to innovate together and in our pilot, you could actually see the difference in the interaction between for example the managers and employees. Thirdly, it was so different than the regular type of work in this corporate organisation and it was something truly radical and new for them so there were a lot of positive vibes for this project. - Maxime Reinke


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