Can You Be Tricked?

As a surprise, I would like to share with you an amazing, fascinating, scary, and very promising opportunity that presented itself to me.

This opportunity is in line with a subject that had kept marketers fascinated for years now. A subject that is only growing in popularity, and is showing unbelievable results in every branch. Perhaps this information will help you and your company reach exponential growth. This mythical method is the reason why the Facebook’s and Uber’s of this world got where they are today, and can help you grow your company to its full potential.

So without building up the suspense any further, let us dive into the mysterious ways of Growth Hacking.

If you came this far it means that my experiment worked. Would you believe me if I told you that after reading what you have just read, you have already learned everything you are going to learn from this post? Or at least, your subconscious mind did.

Let me explain. In the first eight sentences of this blog post, I have combined as many power words as possible. Power words, in line with the seven principles of persuasion described by Cialdini (Social proof, Scarcity, Authority, Commitment & Consistency, Liking, Reciprocity, Unity).

Even though I could write a whole essay about the seven fascinating principles of persuasion, I feel like my peers all over the world have done an outstanding job talking about them in their blogs. What I want to tell you in this post goes back to when I had no clue who Cialdini was. Which maybe are your thoughts exactly right now. In this blog post I would like to talk to you about how I went from a marketing rookie (read medical student gone rogue) to someone confident enough in data-driven marketing that I am now writing this blog post.

While writing this, I have just finished the first month of The Talent Institute training, and am now about to start working at Oilily for the next five months of my traineeship.

What was the first month like you ask me? Read the first sentence of this post again. In short: Information overload.

How did The Talent Institute make sure that this information overload turned me, an online marketing rookie, into a confident, data-driven online marketer?

For me the two main reasons they succeeded in this can be described through the following two things:

I do not know, but I can find out’


See one, do one, teach one.’

1. I do not know but I can find out
Let’s start with the first one. I do not know, but I can find out’ is the mindset, Growth Mindset as you may, that The Talent Institute will have ingrained in your head by the end of the traineeship. Finding out’ can be through Google or you can ask the fast network of young professionals around you who all have completed the traineeship and have all specialized in different disciplines of Growth Hacking. All just one google search or one Slack message away. Because of this I (and hopefully you, during your traineeship) grew confident that whatever problem I will face, I will be able to figure it out.

2. See one, do one, teach one
The Talent Institute Growth Hacking traineeship uses this way of learning. No weeks filled with lectures that you can not remember the next day. Every day consists of a deep dive session in the morning (see one), and a case in the afternoon (do one, and teach one). In the first three weeks, you will set up a company. For this company idea, you will go looking for a problem/​solution and a product/​market fit using growth hacking techniques. Working together in small groups to make sure you each dive a bit deeper into some parts, to then explain it to the rest of your group.

In conclusion, I think that The Talent Institute has done an amazing job in the short amount of time I have been a trainee with them. I am super excited to see where the rest of this traineeship will bring me. Might you be uncertain if you want to apply or have any questions, feel free to contact me through LinkedIn.

Guest blog by Lili Fuhri Snethlage
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